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  A little smile of humor,
      if you please !!!

According to you, 
dear venerable, 
is it more useful to levit 
that to remain sat
  to be a Buddha
and do not scrap

a " big head " ?


The humor guarantees the good mental health of every individual, all the more and particularly for every teacher, guru. Véné ' or boss. That is why it is an indispensable constituent of their personality. To you to make(do) with... The deliberate release - grip!!!

4 years (95 right 99 left) separate those two caricatures of the vén. Shinjin Robert Brandt-Diény, making cross the head " in the square " in that of the "pear", impermanence obliges...

But he inaugurated the 3 ème millennium (2001) with a new caricature:

But, what has my face ...!!! You have never seen a " reverend " with the nose in the middle of the figure?..!! or showing the mond ...