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This Website celebrate in 2017

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" We should not believe in a thing only because it was said, nor to believe in the traditions because they were passed on since the Antiquity; or believe on the simple authority of our masters or instructors... But, we can put into practice a paper, a doctrine or an assertion when the just understanding we have it and our intimate experience confirm them. 

Please , be for yourself your own light, your own refuge... "    Buddha

ven. Shinjin Robert Brandt-Diény

explains to you the aspects and headline of

The teachings of

Host the unexpected with equanimity, that is the true wisdom.
The intelligence is the capacity by which we know answer precisely to new situations
in the light of our past experiences


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You who increase ceaselessly the number of hundred thousand guests 
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By trying really to understand
What the message of the Buddha and his "art of living"
  Can bring in the current world.

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path with the elements which you can remove from it...


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