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Buddhist wishes

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Since the time without beginning of Samsâra, in this life and in all the previous ones, I harvested uncountable negative karmas by my erroneous understanding and my madness, delighting me often even of my errors. Sadly held in slavery by the ignorance, I recognize all these bad actions and tilt me humbly in front of You. In this supreme spirit which shines for all bringing help and benefactions in each profoundly, I am delighted in any worship in the thought of the Awakening and the Dharma, this ocean of happiness for each where lives the prosperity of all. Hands were joined by way of greeting, I ask insistently the Buddha of the ten directions to make( that the lamp of Dharma shines with brightness for all those which roam in the sufferings of the Illusion.

Hands were joined by way of greeting, I implore all the Buddha, thinking of entering Nirvâna, to live in this world of the unlimited erae so that the Life does not sink into the Darkness. That all the praiseworthy energy generated by my commitment in this spiritual practice is dedicated to the awakening of all to be them, that they are happy of all the manners. By the power and the truth of this practice can all the beings obtain the happiness and the causes of the happiness; they can be free of the pain and the causes of the pain; they can be never separated from the crowned happiness which is in the pain. They can live in the equanimity, without too much affection nor too much aversion and live by believing in the equality of all the beings. Those that have not yet given birth to invaluable Bodhicitta they can give her birth. Those that gave her birth, can their Bodhicitta not weaken but grow always more.

Honoring to the perfect Buddha, the supreme philosopher who taught us the indestructible dependent generation and incrée, without annihilation neither durability, without come nor allocates, without unity nor plurality, the reassurance of the inventions, the ultimate bliss.

May I be the defender of the abandoned, the guide of those that walk and for those that strive for the other bank to be a boat, a bridge, a ford. May I be for all to be them the one that calms down the pain. May I be a doctor and remedy, may I be the one that looks until the complete cure after all those who suffer in this world.

As well as the space, the earth and the elements, may I support the life of beings in unlimited number. As long as they will not be freedfrom the Suffering, may I be also source of Life for the uncountable creatures which populate the infinite space. Determined to lead to the good end the biggest more inestimable sensitive prosperity of all the beings still as the jewel which fulfills - all the wishes,  all the time may I consider them as the most precious. During any meeting with the others, may I see myself as the most humble of all and in the heart of my heart to estimate the others as supreme value.

In every action, may I scrutinize my spirit and as soon as appear the illusions, deceiving me myself as the others, may I face them firmly and to spread them. To see natural beings perverse swamped with violent sadnesses and with misdeeds, may I consider them as dear as if I had found a rare and precious treasure. When by jealousy, the others mistreat me libel me and deceive me one way or another may ake on me the defeat and to offer them the victory. As for the one to that I carried assistance and help in any good faith maliciously injure myself, may I consider at him as my supreme guru.

As a matter of fact, may I directly or indirectly offer any profit and happiness to all mothers. May I, in the utmost secrecy, take on me their bad actions and their sufferings. Can all this live outside stains corresponding to the eight worldly principles. Untied, considering all the phenomena as imaginary may I be delivered from the chains of Samsâra.